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The Grey Rooms

Jan 15, 2021

The Grey Rooms Presents: Nolan

CHAPTER 2 - Antithesis: E8 "A Dog is Just a Dog"

Beckett realizes that everyone seems... concerned about the unfolding implications of his interactions within the Rooms, and he plays the part to gather more info. Bob and Alma offer him all the things he appears to be asking for. Beckett...

Jan 13, 2021

Behind the Door - Season 3 Episode 7 - It's the Little Things

"Do not extract anything from the planet. Do not even attempt to land. We can destroy the microbes with a targeted gamma ray burst, but they’re spreading so fast that we don’t know if we’ll be able to eradicate them all at once."

Welcome to the seventh...

Jan 8, 2021

The Grey Rooms Presents: It's the Little Things

CHAPTER 2 - Antithesis: E7 "Worse Than Death"

Given the recent events that showed possible tampering within the system, Bob ponders Beckett's existence and why he's really in The Grey Rooms, and The Warden shows up for moral support…

Written by Michael Zenke


Jan 6, 2021

Behind the Door - Season 3 Episode 6 - The Ride

"Perhaps I could bury him alive in a barrel or just put holes in the barrel and find a lake. I prefer the skinny ones. They have large crocodile tears. The sobs and cries for their mommies are a symphony in my ears."

Welcome to the sixth episode of the season for Behind...

Jan 1, 2021

The Grey Rooms Presents: The Ride

CHAPTER 2 - Antithesis: E6 "The Third Door"

Beckett pushes his boundaries even more and shares a drink down at the tavern. Todd has loose lips and will do anything for a new friend as The Architect observes all. After being given his usual choice of doors, Beckett upends The Grey Rooms...