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The Grey Rooms

Apr 23, 2020

The Grey Rooms Presents: The Dismal Dirge of JM Scherf


The calm before the storm is happening right this moment. The warning signs have all been ignored. There is no turning back. You've allowed these tortured tunes to infect every facet of your life and now you hear their screaming syncopation long after removing your earbuds...

Welcome to another sneak peek instrumental installment of The Dismal Dirge of JM Scherf. You've passed the point of no return. JM is approaching his final form and you cannot stop him.

Sure, the music seems catchy and upbeat in the beginning of the song and you can feel the rhythm as your head bobs up and down and your foot taps the ground. But, that's just a quick exercise to get your muscles limber....It makes the meat tender and allows your soul to separate easier. Please, keep on listening.

This musical track is entitled “Ritual” and comes to us from S2BONUS3 "Reunited", written by Dave Lasota. JM Scherf brings the whole family together for an otherworldly bonding experience. A man seeks redemption after a family tragedy. He certainly gets what he deserves. Blood is not always thicker than water.

Music Composition/Performance: JM Scherf

Artwork: Brooks Bigley


All music for The Grey Rooms is composed and orchestrated byJMScherf

More from JM Scherf at:

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For one last bonus to tide you over until episode 9 debuts, check out this unlocked video in which Cassie shows us how she works her macabre magic to create episode artwork:


You just heard previously unreleased material available only to our patrons. Enjoy! The gift-giving comes to an end as The Warden wonders why he even had a moment of weakness that allowed him to share his bounty. How dare he.  

Every two weeks, JM Scherf releases a new instrumental inspired by the musical score of the current episode. The financial donations of our patrons allow us to share creations like this. The crew behind The Grey Rooms Podcast love this project with a fierce passion, and we're awake at all hours of the night, plotting how to unsettle you and bring a unique twist to the audio drama world.

- The Grey Rooms Team



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