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The Grey Rooms

Jul 16, 2021

The Grey Rooms Presents a Special Crossover Event: Ally Status


Item #: SCP-T-72112

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment appears to be self-directed. SCP-T-72112 is of unknown size and has resembled a vast prison complex, a castle, [Redacted], a hotel, a sprawling mansion, and [Redacted].

The extradimensional space goes through iterative phases in these various configurations, while [Redacted] and getting larger and more complex each time. Individuals are drawn into SCP-T-72112 by methods unknown.

Once inside, they are confronted by local representatives of "Management". These subjects are compelled to enter into a series of doors. Death within this extradimensional space appears to be a fleeting state, as subjects [Redacted].

By special invitation only, Dr. MacWarren and 05-6 are sent by the SCP Foundation Council to meet with "Grey Rooms Management" face-to-face. The Architect explains all that needs to be known about the Rooms. Deals are made. An inter-realm alliance is forged, but for what purpose?

This audio log is available at 05 Council and 05-X level and above eyes only.

Written by Michael Zenke

The Architect performed by Margaret Ashley

Six performed by Lilli Cooper

Dr. MacWarren performed by Mark Whitten

To hear how Todd was discovered by SCP agents, listen to SCP Archives and their latest episode "SCP-T-72112", also written by Michael Zenke!



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Jason Wilson - Executive Producer, Host, Audio Engineering, Sound Design, Actor

JM Scherf - Musical Composition, Performance

Michael Zenke - Season Narrative, Writer, Editor

Graham Rowat - Associate Producer, Social Media, Actor

Cassie Pertiet - Episode Artwork, Web Design, Merch, Creative Direction

Brooks Bigley - Social Media, Patreon, Show Notes, Behind the Door Host/Producer

Hail Scherf - Videography Director

N.M. Brown - Assistant Sound Engineer



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