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The Grey Rooms

Oct 1, 2021

The Grey Rooms Presents: Chop Shop / Convenience Shopping

SEASON 4 PROLOGUE - "Todd's Tear Down"

As the mansion is dismantled, Todd finds a moment alone to divulge secrets to eager ears regarding plans on the ground. The Warden shows up and begrudgingly shares a bit of his own knowledge about the happenings of the project, as he conns Todd into working with him again, just like the old days...

Written by Michael Zenke

Alistair Mackey as Todd

Jason Wilson as The Warden

Graham Rowat as Demon Foreman



He signed up for a simple in-and-out job to make some fast cash. Little did he know that he was the job... 

Written by Tori Miller

Jeff Clement as Lindsey / Narrator

Alistair Mackey as Vincent

Christa Lewis as Cleo

Graham Rowat as Earl



The weather was delaying his groceries from being delivered. What came to the door instead was entirely unpredictable. He just wanted his meats, but so did someone else...

Written by Mark Towse

Ewan Chung as Mark / Narrator

• Brandon Green as Jacket

Graham Rowat as John



• Cannibalism

• Gore


We thought you'd enjoy a little snack before the official season starts. Did this whet your appetite? We served it up extra rare, but to prevent biting off more than you can chew, we broke it into two manageable hunks to devour. You're welcome. 

Thanks for joining us with this preseason episode, we have a gazillion things planned for this fourth season here at The Grey Rooms Podcast, and it doesn't involve food puns. We do however promise more death, more murder, and more mayhem. And maybe a couple laughs along the way. You have to enjoy what you do, otherwise what is the point of anything?

Season 4 of The Grey Rooms premieres November 2021, but stay tuned for another upcoming preseason episode, Roomies. We have such sounds to show you...

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Jason Wilson - Executive Producer, Host, Audio Engineering, Sound Design, Actor

JM Scherf - Musical Composition, Performance

Michael Zenke - Season Narrative, Writer, Editor

Graham Rowat - Associate Producer, Social Media, Actor

Cassie Pertiet - Episode Artwork, Web Design, Merch, Creative Direction

Brooks Bigley - Social Media, Patreon, Show Notes, Behind the Door Host/Producer

Hail Scherf - Videography Director

N.M. Brown - Assistant Sound Engineer



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