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The Grey Rooms

Jan 31, 2020

Behind the Door - Season 2 Episode 5 - Thank You for Calling

Welcome to another episode of Behind the Door, in which we take a behind the scenes look into our stories and chat with the authors and actors.

For this episode we'll be interviewing with Alex Gallegos, the author of S2E5 "Thank You for Calling". Also joining us will be JM Scherf, music composer/designer for The Grey Rooms. This episode will grab you by the scissors and give you a spin...


Alex Gallegos - Author

JM Scherf - Musician

Jason Wilson - Executive Producer

Brooks Bigley - Host

Artwork by Cassie Pertiet

For more information on Alex Gallegos, you can find him on Twitter at @AlexG2490

He roams the halls of Reddit at u/AlexG2490

Alex performs on Superstition Podcast as Tom Madrazo, also with a role in Safeguards

Alex Gallegos implores you to examine The War of the Worlds as a template to creating audio drama, the world's first foray into emotional storytelling through a recorded medium. He also recommends The Last Policeman Trilogy by Ben H. Winters. As an inhouse favorite, Alex's last recommendation is whichever words are sandwiched between paper and cardboard that represent anything written by the great Douglas Adams because 42.



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