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The Grey Rooms

Feb 20, 2020

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room #1999 - The Greyfriars Transcript


Todd tries to reason with Samantha about her predicament in The Grey Rooms and lets go of a bit too much information. After Samantha approaches an old face once again at the hotel bar, Bob announces that the elevator is broken. Samantha must now endure her own cliché of a horror movie as she ascends the stairs... cue the blinking light bulb...

Samantha can pick from two rooms: Train ride or Cheerleader. And since we know the cheerleader was offended by the horrible destiny that was intended for her... Train it is. 

Written by: Brian Black

Samantha performed by: Sarah Thomas

Bob performed by: Graham Rowat

Todd performed by: Alistair Mackey

Jake Stone performed by: Mark Whitten

The Warden performed by: Jason Wilson

The doctor performed by: Graham Rowat

Erica performed by: Erin Lillis



Most of us have taken a train at some point in our lives. The constant jiggling and juddering can put even the most alert individual into a deep sleep. A man boards a train and is immediately put off by the atmosphere. Is he just reliving a horrendous event from his past or is there something else happening aboard these railroad cars?

Don't fall asleep on this railway carriage. That's how they see you.

Written by: Gary Buller

Train passenger / seat neighbor performed by: Alistair Mackey

Ex-boyfriend performed by: Hedley Knights

Counter chef / ticket taker / speaker voice performed by: Graham Rowat



Season Narrative: Brian Black

Music Composition/Performance: JM Scherf

Audio Engineering/Sound Design: Jason Wilson

Associate Producer/Social Media: Graham Rowat

Episode Artist/Web Design: Cassie Pertiet

Social Media/Patreon: Brooks Bigley

Videography: Hail Scherf


Thank you so much for listening to the seventh episode of our second season! We run backwards through cornfields because it feels good. Please continue to support and share this wonderful show with all your horror-loving friends. And don't forget, our new and improved Behind the Door will be arriving next Friday, February 28th, at platform four. All aboard the roundtable as Jason and Brooks discuss "The Greyfriars Transcript" with author Gary Buller and actor Alistair Mackey. Choo choo. 

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We'll see you in two weeks for Episode 8, same Grey time, same Grey channel.

- The Grey Rooms Team



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