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The Grey Rooms

Apr 10, 2020

The Grey Rooms Presents: S2 Bonus #3 - Reunited


Bob is not happy with the maintenance status of the hotel. He sends Todd with a mop into the Rooms to do a bit of tidying up. Todd begrudgingly follows orders and meets a man stuck in a prickly situation, another man who really needs a good stretch, and a third man who just likes to yell a lot. 

Welcome to housekeeping...   

Written by Cassie Pertiet

Bob / the Inquisitor performed by Graham Rowat

Todd performed by Alistair Mackey

Iron Maiden performed by Brooks Bigley

Philippe performed by Jason Wilson



Do we always deserve forgiveness? An older brother finds out when he tries to integrate back into his family after a tragedy.

Perhaps he should forgive himself first. Otherwise, the demons win.

Written by Dave Lasota

Mark performed by Alistair Mackey

Tasha / Wedding Usher performed by Erin King

Mother performed by Margaret Ashley

Father performed by Graham Rowat


Audio Engineering/Sound Design: Jason Wilson

Music Composition/Performance: JM Scherf

Associate Producer/Social Media: Graham Rowat

Episode Artwork/Web Design: Cassie Pertiet

Social Media/Patreon: Brooks Bigley

Videography: Hail Scherf


You just heard previously unreleased material available only to our patrons. Enjoy! The gift-giving continues as The Warden cleans out the basement and shares his bounty.

The financial donations of our patrons allow us to share creations like this. The crew behind The Grey Rooms Podcast love this project with a fierce passion, and we're awake at all hours of the night, plotting how to unsettle you and bring a unique twist to the audio drama world. Thank you for believing in us.

- The Grey Rooms Team



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