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The Grey Rooms

Apr 3, 2020

The Grey Rooms Presents: S2 Bonus #2 - Bane: The Raven


Bob and Todd spend some quality time together as they work out the best way to get the elevator back into service. However, Bob is a poet and not a mechanic. And Todd is just...Todd. This goes as well as you'd expect.  

Written by Cassie Pertiet

Todd performed by Alistair Mackey

Bob performed by Graham Rowat



A man filled with sorrow at the death of his lover stays awake long into the night, reading a volume of forgotten lore. Suddenly, there comes a sound of tapping, some kind of rapping at his chamber door...

Written by Edgar Allan Poe

Performed by Jason Wilson & Cassie Pertiet

Audio Engineering/Sound Design: Jason Wilson

Music Composition/Performance: JM Scherf

Artwork: Brooks Bigley


You just heard previously unreleased material available only to our patrons. Enjoy! The gift-giving continues as The Warden cleans out the basement and shares his bounty.  

Bane is a "podcast within a podcast" and is available as a Patreon Exclusive Series to patrons of the Grey Rooms. With roots in the world of creepypasta, Bane Podcast allows for the telling of stories that don't otherwise fit the Grey Rooms narrative. The financial donations of our patrons allow us to share creations like this. The crew behind The Grey Rooms Podcast love this project with a fierce passion, and we're awake at all hours of the night, plotting how to unsettle you and bring a unique twist to the audio drama world.

- The Grey Rooms Team



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