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The Grey Rooms

Dec 14, 2018

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room #317 - I Loved My Human

INTRO - RAYMOND GREENE - “No Escape, No Mercy

New rules become clear to Raymond as he wakes up in the same room again. He finds a rather peculiar gift waiting for him. Then the disembodied voice instructs him to choose another door.

Not wanting to be pushed around, Raymond refuses. So a door is chosen for him…

Written by Brian Black

Raymond performed by Jason Wilson

Disembodied Voice performed by Graham Rowat



A young child suffers at the hands of abusive parents. Her only source of comfort is her favorite teddy bear who witnesses these daily atrocities. After a particularly nasty event, the teddy bear has had enough.

Some toys bring delight to children. This one will bring terror to parents…

*Warning: This story contains a brief scene involving violence against a child. Listener discretion is advised.

Written by Mike Lee

Teddy Bear performed by Sarah Thomas

Little Girl performed by Victoria Juan

Parents performed by Jason Wilson and Christina Wilson



Brian Black - Season 1 Narrative

Jason Wilson - Executive Producer, Host, Audio Engineering, Sound Design, Actor

JM Scherf - The Grey Rooms Theme, Additional Scoring

Graham Rowat - Associate Producer, Actor

Mediogre Stories / Cassie Pertiet - Episode Artwork

Brooks Bigley - Social Media, Show Notes



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