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The Grey Rooms

Jul 13, 2019

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room #678 - In Darkness



It's time to delve deep into the darkest recesses of The Grey Rooms...

The Warden has unlocked a door once available only to its patrons. It is now YOUR turn to take a glimpse into the macabre horrors lurking within. 

This particular door belongs to Room #678 where you'll listen to the plight of a young woman as she awakens to a perpetual nightmare.  Find out what it's like to be trapped in S.H. Cooper's "In Darkness."

(This episode was released originally as one of our patreon bonus episodes.  Enjoy our show? Please consider joining our Patreon for more exclusive content like this, and more.) 


Written by: S.H. Cooper

Engineered by: Jason Wilson

Music by: JM Scherf



Sierra - Holly Linden

Becky - Charlotte Norup



Episode Artwork by - Graham Rowat 

Social Media Artwork by - Brooks Bigley 


Season 2 of The Grey Rooms premieres November 2019.



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