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The Grey Rooms

Feb 22, 2019

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room 812 - Cell Block B




Raymond discovers what it is like to feel truly alone.  You'll want to turn out the lights and listen with a good pair of headphones to get the full effect. 

Written by: Brian Black

Raymond performed by: Jason Wilson

Bob performed by: Graham Rowat

Audio production & sound engineering by: Jason Wilson



Dead man walkin! Dead man walkin! 

Everyone knows what to expect when they're sent to death row.  But if you're thinking about killing careful.  They might send you to see the warden of Cell Block B. 

Written by: Gemma Amor

McCready by: Graham Rowat

Fergus by: Warren Richardson

Jones & The Warden (not THAT Warden) by: Alistair Mackey

Art by: Graham Rowat (Talk about a Jack of all Trades)

Additional Art/Advertising by: Brooks Bigley



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Check out the talented Gemma Amor and her friends at the Calling Darkness Podcast.  Their first episode just debuted on Valentine's Day.  Also you can grab a copy of Gemma Amor's work in her short story collection "Cruel Works of Nature."  Oh!  If you want to listen to more spooky stories, you can also listen to her stories featured in The No Sleep Podcast

We'll be streaming our Behind the Door Live on YouTube on Sunday, February 24th (this Sunday).  It will be at 3PM EST.  Join us if you want to see Gemma, Jason, Brian, and Graham Rowat.  This episode will be guest hosted by the Ladies of Horror Fiction Podcast's own Toni the Reader.