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The Grey Rooms

Feb 8, 2019

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room 692 - Ice Station Bravo




What's more terrible than suffering in The Grey Rooms? You'll find out as Raymond discovers one of Bob's unique talents.  

Written by: Brian Black

Raymond performed by: Jason Wilson

Bob performed by: Graham Rowat

Job Recruiter by: Erin Lillis

Audio production & sound engineering by: Jason Wilson

Musical Score by: JM Scherf


You might want to bundle up, and keep your lights on, as you join the soldiers of Research Station Bravo 299.  Prepare to be chilled to the bone as The Grey Rooms presents Arthur Unk's Ice Station Bravo.

Written by:Arthur Unk

Red by: David O Steele

Smith by: Sarah Ruth Thomas

Gasper by: Graham Rowat

Lucky by: Victoria Juan

Yella by: Patrick Mealey

Hardy by: Arthur Unk

Howard by: Will Olsen

and Charlotte Norup as The Darkness Within. 

Additional Score by: JM Scherf

Art by: Cassie Pertiet

Additional Art/Advertising by: Brooks Bigley & Graham Rowat



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