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The Grey Rooms

Aug 2, 2019

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room #630 - Sanctuary



Some time ago Jason and I wanted to produce a story from an author that has never been published, never produced, or maybe hasn't even written a story before.  It was decided that we would take time out for each off season to release one of these stories, and today we are happy to do so. 

This falls in line with the fact that some listeners tell us how inspired they are by the show, and that they are starting to write their own horror stories because of how embracing our community is to their brand of art.  You can probably imagine the feeling of pride, and the rush that this gives us.  We're so proud to be able to produce new works of audio horror, but also in being able to encourage others to do so. 

This year we wanted to start with Christina Wilson. While it's clear that she has supported and sacrificed her share for our podcast, and also had a wonderful voice acting debut as Lucy in our first season, she never really considered herself a fiction writer.  Feeling inspired by the talented writers in our first season, she sat down and hammered out "Sanctuary," the story that you are about to enjoy.  

Your first story is always something special.  It's also a very nervous experience.  Many of us still feel the anxiety of waiting to hear how people feel about the story.  It's these very real moments that strike us far more than any monster or evil deed that you might hear about in The Grey Rooms. 

Why not take the time to reach out to Christina or any of our authors, really, and let them know what you think about their stories. The authors don't bite, and no doubt they love to hear your thoughts on their work.  And, for that matter, so do Jason and I.  Please don't forget to send us all a review or even hit us up on social media and let us know what you think.  We can't do this all without you.

Oh! And as for a story summary: 

It's hard being a parent.  You always want to do the right thing, but the challenges are never what you'd expect.  One man's attempt at reaching his son, and creating something great reaches devastating results when he finds himself in...The Grey Rooms. 


Written by: Christina Wilson

Engineered by: Jason Wilson

Music by: JM Scherf



Father - Warren Richardson

Carter - Patrick Mealey


Episode Artwork by: Cassie Pertiet 

Social Media Artwork by: Brooks Bigley 


Season 2 of The Grey Rooms premieres November 2019.



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