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The Grey Rooms

Oct 31, 2019

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room #491 - Seashells


Detective Jake Stone is closer than ever to finding Samantha Winters and unlocking The Grey Rooms, but some doors should remain locked. He's about to open all of them.

Written by: Brian Black

Jake Stone performed by: Mark Whitten

Samantha Winters performed by: Sarah Ruth Thomas

Frank Burkhart performed by: David O Steele

The Waitress and 911 Operator performed by: Kelly Nienaltowski

Chris and Edgar performed by: Graham Rowat

Delphi performed by: Christina WilsonErin King



Written by: Candice Green

Travers performed by: Alistair Mackey

Rhonda performed by: Erin B. Lillis

Sgt. Lawson performed by: Jason Wilson


Season Narrative written by: Brian Black

Music Composition by: JM Scherf

Audio Engineering & Sound Design by: Jason Wilson

Episode Artwork by: Cassie Pertiet

Social Media Artwork by: Brooks Bigley & Graham Rowat


Thank you for joining us with our second preseason episode of season 2! This season promises a bigger world of characters within the Grey Rooms narrative, even better anthology stories, and greater top-notch acting than ever before. Plus more killer artwork! So pick up that key and choose a door...

Season 2 of The Grey Rooms premieres November 2019.



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