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The Grey Rooms

Jan 24, 2020

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room #1800 - Thank You for Calling

INTRO - SAMANTHA WINTERS - "Let's Go to the Tape"

Are you prepared for another haiku? Bob thinks Samantha deserves to hear a new one. He also reveals a truth to her that she might not deserve to hear. Elevator music is discussed and the passage of time is debated. Plus, Todd has a present for Samantha.

Samantha can pick from two rooms: the first room is about a witch who develops the perfect spell to fix all the things she hates in the world. The other is about a man who works in telecommunications. Or something.   

Written by: Brian Black

Samantha performed by: Sarah Thomas

Bob performed by: Graham Rowat

Todd performed by: Alistair Mackey



In this current age of hacking and malware that infects our cell phones and computers, it's best to avoid emails from foreign princes who just want to deposit a few million dollars into your bank account. A call center salesman works for a company that claims to prevent unwanted internet attacks, but what happens when a caller challenges him to prove it? The customer is always right, until people begin dying.

You'll wish this cold call went straight to voicemail...

Written by: Alex Gallegos

Gaurishankar performed by: Sushant Adlahka

First Customer performed by: Margaret Ashley

The Man on the Phone performed by: Graham Rowat

Call Center Manager performed by: Michael Rigg



Season Narrative written by Brian Black

Music Composition & Design: JM Scherf

Audio Engineering & Sound Design: Jason Wilson

Associate Producer/Social Media: Graham Rowat

Episode Artist/Web Designer: Cassie Pertiet

Social Media/Patreon: Brooks Bigley


Thank you so much for listening to the fifth episode of our second season! It's been a long year this month, wow. It feels like we're already done with multiple seasons, based on the additional content we've been making over on our Patreon page, what with our Dismal Dirge instrumentals, our behind-the-scenes videos, our bonus patron-only stories, and also our future Bane Podcast stories in the pipeline. Please continue to support and share this wonderful show with all your horror-loving friends. And don't forget, our new and improved Behind the Door will be releasing next Friday, January 31st. Take a seat at the roundtable as Jason, Brooks, and JM discuss "Thank You for Calling" with author Alex Gallegos. 

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Lastly, we want to remind you to keep it Grey. Question the reality surrounding you. Every door has a story, every room has a tale. Pick wisely. #staygrey2020

We'll see you in two weeks for Episode 6, same Grey time, same Grey channel.

- The Grey Rooms Team



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