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The Grey Rooms

Feb 7, 2020

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room #1371 - The Hedgehog Family


Memories begin returning to Samantha at an alarming rate, but she still has trouble grasping the bigger picture. The Church of the One strikes again and leaves death in their path. God is good. God is great. Samantha searches for the humanity left in herself, much to Bob's chagrin. Todd continues being Todd and shows off his new companion. 

Samantha can pick from two rooms: The first room is about a high school boy who discovers that his gym coach is more than meets the eye. The second room has…a hedgehog.   

*Warning: This story contains a brief scene involving a violent hate crime. Listener discretion is advised.

Written by: Brian Black

Samantha performed by: Sarah Thomas

Bob performed by: Graham Rowat

Todd performed by: Alistair Mackey

Reverend Hicks performed by: David Cummings

The Boy (Alan) performed by: Elie Hirschman

Davis performed by: Jason Wilson



What would you do to fall in love and make the perfect family for yourself? How far would you go to create bonds that should last a lifetime? A woman is given an opportunity she can't refuse, and it all starts with a hedgehog.

Family is not just an important thing. It is everything. Be careful when you reveal your family to others. 

Written by: Jennifer Winters

Christy performed by: Erin Lillis

Henry performed by: Graham Rowat

Grave Digger performed by: Paul Arbisi

Preacher performed by: Justin McCarthy

The Sheriff performed by: Jason Wilson

Sir Anthony Hedgehog the First as himself



Season Narrative written by Brian Black

Music Composition & Design: JM Scherf

Audio Engineering & Sound Design: Jason Wilson

Associate Producer/Social Media: Graham Rowat

Episode Artist/Web Design: Cassie Pertiet

Social Media/Patreon: Brooks Bigley


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We'll see you in two weeks for Episode 7, same Grey time, same Grey channel.

- The Grey Rooms Team



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