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The Grey Rooms

May 1, 2020

Behind the Door - Season 2 Episode 9 - Shadows and Teeth

"We only needed one David in this house, anyway."

Welcome to another episode of Behind the Door, where we take a behind the scenes look into our story and chat with the author and actor who made it happen.

In this episode we are interviewing with Baylea Hart, the transformative author of S2E9 "Shadows and Teeth". Also joining us is Cassie Pertiet, our resident graphic artist who created the episode artwork for the story and also designed The Grey Rooms website. Leash laws are in effect while listening. 


Baylea Hart - Author

Cassie Pertiet - Artist

Jason Wilson - Executive Producer

Brooks Bigley - Host

Artwork by Cassie Pertiet


For more information on Baylea Hart, visit her website at, follow her on Twitter at @bayleahart, or like her Author page on Facebook.

Describing herself as an "IT Technician by day, horror writer by night and a reader everywhere in between", Baylea Hart wrote and directed a short horror film in 2013, won an award for a short story in 2015, and published several more stories before releasing her first novel, The Log House, in 2018.

The Log House is available in the UK in paperback or on Kindle:

The Log House is available in the USA in paperback or on Kindle:

The Log House is available on Nook:

Baylea appreciates slow burn horror and prefers a more subdued and steady approach instead of in-your-face scariness. When not reading books by Paul Tremblay, Andrew Michael Hurley, or other literary horror authors, Baylea can be found talking to the skull on her mantelpiece. Its name is Percy and it has a removable brain. Baylea says it was meant to be used for teaching... Sweet.



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