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The Grey Rooms

Jan 19, 2019

~The Way Out~

*Hosted By: Augie Peterson @AugiePWrites*

 *Special Guest Brooks Bigley @brooks_bigley*


Written By: Gary Buller @garybuller

Dan was Performed By: Warren Richardson

Anna was Performed By: S.H. Cooper @MsPippinacious

Raymond was Performed By: Jason Wilson @AudioTorment

Bob was Performed By: Graham Rowat @GrahamNY ...for N.Y.

The Singing Woman/ Raymond's Bride was Performed By: Christina Wilson @Ridin_That_Wave

Raymond's story is written By: Brian Black @darthchair

Audio Design and sound engineering By: Jason Wilson @AudioTorment

Artwork By: Cassie Pertiet ...Join the emotional support group today