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The Grey Rooms

Mar 13, 2020

Behind the Door - Season 2 Episode 8 - Down

"It's just a fucking slide, Fran!"

Welcome to another episode of Behind the Door, where we take a behind the scenes look into our story and chat with the author and actor who made it happen.

In this episode we are interviewing with D.I. Russell, the nostalgic author of S2E8 "Down". Also joining us is Gabe Templin, the actor playing the character of Steve who braved the scary slide. Parents will think twice about visiting this playground. 


D.I. Russell - Author

Gabe Templin - Actor

Jason Wilson - Executive Producer

Brooks Bigley - Host

Artwork by Cassie Pertiet

For more information on D.I. Russell, you can follow him on Twitter at @DIRussellmania

D.I. Russell just released his latest novel, Outside, which he describes as his "most personal book to date".

He has also written many other thriller and horror novels and featured in many anthology books, which can be found on Amazon here.

For more information on Gabe Templin, you can follow him on Twitter at @gabetemplin

Fun fact: Gabe Templin (who played Steve) also appeared with Lindsey Kelly (who played Fran) in The Grey Rooms S1E9 "Summer Child", which was also written by D.I. Russell. Another fun fact: Gabe and Lindsey just got married on February 29th, which means they'll only revolve around the sun once every four years? 

You can find out more about Gabe Templin on his website here. Gabe also co-created the podcast called Just Press Playhouse which has released various audio drama productions. He can be found on The Drunk Texts which must be seen to be believed. Find out more here.



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