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The Grey Rooms

Mar 1, 2019

Join the creators of The Grey Rooms Podcast as they give you a look behind the scenes of their latest tale of terror!

This time Jason Wilson and Brian Black are with Gemma Amor, writer of "Cell Block B."

Check out more of Gemma's work at:

With them is voice actor Graham Rowat who played the part of McCready in the bone-chilling production. You can find out more about his projects at:

Our guest host for the episode is Toni Miller, host of the Ladies of Horror Fiction Podcast.

As always we thank you so much for listening to The Grey Rooms Podcast. Your support means a lot to us.

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Please check out the new podcast from Gemma and friends at Calling Darkness! They recently released their first two episodes, and many of the folks involved are a part of our podcast as well. Thanks again for your continued support. We wouldn't be able to do this without listeners like you!