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The Grey Rooms

Apr 26, 2019

~A Certain Man In Russia~

**Special Guest Host**

Sarah Werner Of Girl In Space Podcast @girlinspacepod

Written By:  Kelly Evans  @ChaucerBabe


Performed By: 

Alistair Mackey as Rasputin and the Narrator @alistairmackey

Sarah Ruth Thomas as The Tsarina @SarahRuthVoice

Max Evans as Prince Felix  @evilklown17

Margaret Ashley as Rasputin's Mother  @1margaretashley

And Graham Rowat as the Guards  @GrahamNY


Audio Engineering And Sound Design By: 

Jason Wilson  @AudioTorment

Main Title Theme And Musical Composition BY:

JM Scherf   @JMScerfMusic


Raymond Scene Written By:

Brian Black @darthchair

Performed By:

Jason Wilson as Raymond

Christina Wilson @Ridin_that_wave  as Lucy

And Graham Rowat  @GrahamNY as Bob


Artwork By: 

Brooks Bigley

Promotional Artwork By:

Brooks Bigley  @brooks_bigley  And

Graham Rowat