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The Grey Rooms

Mar 31, 2021

Behind the Door - Season 3 Episode 18 - A Good Man

"As I held her hand and watched her take that final breath, I remember feeling such a surge of energy around me. The light that had leaked through the curtains was impossibly bright, and I have no doubt there was a presence with me. It was as though I was walking her to...

Mar 26, 2021

The Grey Rooms Presents: A Good Man

CHAPTER 4 - Pedagogy: E18 "Beckett's Bargain"

We are the choices we make. Admiral Beckett seals his fate and makes the choice that will define his path within The Grey Rooms...

Written by Michael Zenke

Admiral Beckett performed by Eddie Cooper

Samuel performed by Michael...

Mar 24, 2021

Behind the Door - Season 3 Episode 17 - Take Over

"In order to be a person in this universe, I need more than brilliance. More than just a keen mind. I need a physical form. Your physical form. With your body, I can masquerade as you, pick up your pathetic life as my own. Or perhaps I’ll strike out on my own, make a...

Mar 19, 2021

The Grey Rooms Presents: Take Over

CHAPTER 4 - Pedagogy: E17 "Opportunity Assessment"

After completing his requirements, Beckett is led by Todd up the elevator to a familiar location. He finally holds audience with The Architect and lays all his cards on the table. Flop, turn, and here comes the river...

Written by

Mar 17, 2021

Behind the Door - Season 3 Episode 16 - Are You Saved?

"The lights continued to flicker and strobe, and the woman continued to transform. She grew taller, her limbs elongated. Screams echoed throughout the store as the shoppers bolted for the exits. An unseen force slammed the steel shutters down over the windows and...