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The Grey Rooms

Dec 30, 2020

Behind the Door - Season 3 Episode 5 - Strings

"Mother had lamented all my life that I had been her only child. Geppetto reached out for the marionette. He held it for several long moments, fussing over its clothes, before handing it to me. I didn’t know what else to do besides take it."

Welcome to the fifth episode...

Dec 25, 2020

The Grey Rooms Presents: Strings

CHAPTER 1 - Thesis: E5 "Past is Prologue"

Beckett is given the chance to ask any question under scrutiny. After choosing his words carefully, Bob feels a familiar stinging response again. Sometimes, a dog needs its leash tightened…

Written by Michael Zenke

Beckett performed by Eddie...

Dec 23, 2020

Behind the Door - Season 3 Episode 4 - Too Much

"That’s been my whole life. Seeing things as they really are, instead of how I want to see them. The first time it happened, I was so young. My mother couldn’t explain to me what was happening. I forgave her for it eventually."

Welcome to the fourth episode of the...

Dec 18, 2020

The Grey Rooms Presents: Too Much

CHAPTER 1 - Thesis: E4 "Calling Admiral Beckett"

Beckett finally awakens from his nightmare in "The Grey Rooms" and returns to normal life. Something isn't right, though. He's done this already, but differently...

Written by Michael Zenke

Announcer performed by Michael Zenke


Dec 16, 2020

Behind the Door - Season 3 Episode 3 - A Bad Harvest

"It begins to walk towards him through the crops that are withering in front of his eyes, leaving a trail of human devastation: skulls, blackened organs, charred remnants of innards. He didn’t think he’d get away with it. You don’t get away with things like...