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The Grey Rooms

Apr 26, 2019

~A Certain Man In Russia~

**Special Guest Host**

Sarah Werner Of Girl In Space Podcast @girlinspacepod

Written By:  Kelly Evans  @ChaucerBabe


Performed By: 

Alistair Mackey as Rasputin and the Narrator @alistairmackey

Sarah Ruth Thomas as The Tsarina @SarahRuthVoice

Max Evans as Prince Felix  @evilklown17

Apr 19, 2019

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room #1916 - A Certain Man in Russia




Raymond contemplates the nature of The Grey Rooms.  Plagued by his memories, he tries to lean on Bob for emotional support. 

You can probably imagine how that works out...


Written by: Brian Black

Raymond performed by: Jason Wilson

Bob performed...

Apr 13, 2019

~Ground Level~

**Guest Host Dustin Schyler Yoak  @DustinSchyler

Written By:  M.R. Tapia   @m_r_tapia

Performed By:  David Cummings from the NoSleep podcast  @CummingsDG

Audio Engineering And Sound Design By: 

Jason Wilson  @AudioTorment

Main Title Theme And Musical Composition BY:

JM Scherf   @JMScerfMusic



Apr 5, 2019

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room #1292 - Ground Level




Raymond remembers a series of events that leave him vulnerable.  Meanwhile Bob has discovered that someone or something has been trying to influence Raymond's choices. 

What could all this mean? 

Join us, same Grey Rooms time. Same Grey Rooms channel.