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The Grey Rooms

Feb 3, 2019

Welcome to Behind the Door! We're so happy that you could join us.  This is our behind the scenes show where we discuss our most recent tale of terror.

This episode we will be talking about Co-Creator Brian Black's "Fairytale."

With us are:

Co-Creator and Sound Engineer - Jason Wilson
Co-Creator, Author, and Voice Actor - Brian Black
Voice Actress - Christina Wilson
Composer - JM Scherf
and Media Guru / Super Fan - Brooks Bigley.

Our guest host for tonight's episode is Jesse Dedman of Deadman's Tome. 

If you haven't listened to our show...please feel free to look our episodes up on YouTube, or any of your favorite Podcatchers.  This is for S1E5 - Room 592 - Fairytale.

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