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The Grey Rooms

Sep 6, 2019

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room #377 - Pen / Room #616 - They Don't Eat The Living




Meet Detective Jake Stone. He's looking for someone named Samantha Winters. But he may find The Grey Rooms first. 

Written by: Brian Black

Jake Stone performed by: Mark Whitten

Samantha Winters performed...

Aug 2, 2019

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room #630 - Sanctuary



 Some time ago Jason and I wanted to produce a story from an author that has never been published, never produced, or maybe hasn't even written a story before.  It was decided that we would take time out for each off season to release one of these stories, and today...

Jul 13, 2019

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room 678 - In Darkness



 It's time to delve deep into the darkest recesses of The Grey Rooms...

The Warden has unlocked a door once available only to its patrons.  It is now YOUR turn to take a glimpse into the macabre horrors lurking within. 

This particular door belongs to Room 678...

Jun 7, 2019

~Everything Ends~

Written By: Brian Black

**Guest Host**

Brooks Bigley

With Guests

Jason Wilson

Graham Rowat

JM Scherf

and Missing Talent:

Cassie Pertiet

May 24, 2019

The Grey Rooms Presents: Episode 13 - Everything Ends

 (Psst...makes sure you stay passed the credits for a post-credit scene when you listen to the show)



Having regained the despicable portions of his past, Raymond is forced into the most uncomfortable and terrifying door of all.  Time is short.  The horrors he...