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The Grey Rooms

Dec 14, 2018

  I Loved My Human

(Disclaimer: This story depicts violence and abuse directed towards a minor.  Listener discretion is advised)

Written by: Mike Lee @MrMikeLeeisMe

Performed by: Sarah Ruth Thomas @SarahRuthVoice

                         Victoria Juan @VictoriaJuan21

                         Jason Wilson @AudioTorment

                        Christina Wilson @Ridin_That_Wave

Audio editing and sound design by: Jason Wilson @AudioTorment

Additional Musical Composition by: JM Scherf @JMScherfMusic

Artwork by: Mediorge @MediogreStories

Additional Artwork by: Cassie Pertiet    Want to support "The Grey Rooms" podcast? head on over to there you can find out more about becoming a patron and the awesome rewards we offer. Thank you for your interest.