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The Grey Rooms

May 17, 2019

The Grey Rooms Presents: 

The Raymond Logs: Prisoner 929-494 Tapes 1-12




Bob has always been finishing each episode with the phrase, "Let the record show that Prisoner 929-494 chose door...", and you might have been wondering why. 

As we prepare for the season finale next Friday, let's sit down and listen in on the twelve "Raymond Logs" that have been recorded over the season.  These stories are a compilation of Raymond, Bob, and the backstories.  There are no anthology stories here. 

There might be a few clues as to next week's episode however...listen in to find out. 


NOTE: While we did add a few lines, this primarily serves as a refresher to better prepare you for the story to come.  You can now listen to Raymond narrate the events of the Grey Rooms in one sitting.  Is he who you thought he would be?  Do you still feel the same way about him? Let us know on social media and our Discord. We'd love to get your feelings and input! 


Episode Art & Advertising by Brooks Bigley &  Graham Rowat 



Stay tuned for Friday, May 24th for the conclusion of The Grey Rooms Season 1 with the finale, "Everything Ends."



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