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The Grey Rooms

Feb 16, 2019

The Grey Rooms Podcast presents our very first mid-season double feature! 

(See Hunger Pains for Disclaimer)


The Warden's been pretty silent as of late.  What sort of diabolical deeds has he been up to? Oh look! He's watching television.  This can't possibly end well...

"The Hook-Up Game"

Written by:

Feb 8, 2019

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room 692 - Ice Station Bravo




What's more terrible than suffering in The Grey Rooms? You'll find out as Raymond discovers one of Bob's unique talents.  

Written by: Brian Black

Raymond performed by: Jason Wilson

Bob performed by: Graham Rowat

Job Recruiter by: Erin Lillis


Jan 25, 2019

The Grey Rooms Presents: Room 592 - Fairytale


(Disclaimer:  Discretion is advised for listeners sensitive to various forms [physical, emotional, or sexual] of violence and abuse that may be contained in this episode)



It's Raymond's Birthday! Happy Birthday, Raymond! Make a wish!

Written by: Brian Black


Jan 11, 2019

~The Way Out~


Written By: Gary Buller @garybuller

Dan was Performed By: Warren Richardson

Anna was Performed By: S.H. Cooper @MsPippinacious

Raymond was Performed By: Jason Wilson @AudioTorment

Bob was Performed By: Graham Rowat @GrahamNY ...for N.Y.

The Singing Woman/ Raymond's...

Dec 28, 2018

  "They Don't Make Them Like That Anymore"

Written By: Renfield Rasputin @RenfieldRasputi

Performed By:

Alicia - Sarah Ruth Thomas @SarahRuthVoice

London- Christina Wilson @Ridin_That_Wave

Austin- Graham Rowat @GrahamNY 

Shopkeeper- Margaret Ashley

Jacob the delivery guy- Jason Wilson @AudioTorment

Young woman...